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Aegon N.V. is a multinational life insurance, pensions, and asset management company headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. As of December 31, 2017, Aegon companies employed approximately 28,318 people worldwide, serving millions of customers. In 2020, the company had 26,000 employees. Aegon is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam and is a constituent of the AEX index.

Hazel McHugh an expert reviewer ¨from Bought by many¨ compares Aegon Life Insurance against others and she concludes: "For example, in Aegon vs. Zurich's life insurance comparison we can see that whilst Zurich successfully payout on 99.8% of claims, Aegon paid out on 94%. The difference might look slight now but it could make all the difference if the worst happens and you find yourself having to claim. At times like that, quibbling over policy exclusions is the last thing you want to be dealing with so try to weigh up the cost, customer service and claims payout rates to make a well-rounded decision on which life insurance provider to use."


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Current Employee - Retirement Specialist says

"Staff u willing to help when you 1sr start"

Current Employee - Case Manager says

"*Management needs some serious work - micromanagers (all of them) *Benefits could have been better *Advancement is non-existent unless you know someone (or at least that was my experience) *The announcement of the transition and the very little time employees had to process this information (when directors and their bosses knew for well over a year). *No positive feedback ("always need to work"); negative atmosphere"


"no consideration of employees and their families"

Licensing Representative says

"I was explicitly told, "Fake being perky or you'll be written up" in a performance review with my Team Lead. If you were a quiet introvert (like me), you had to go out of your shell or get in trouble. Someone actually complained to my Lead because I only smiled at them in the hallway instead of verbally saying "good morning." Really? They always hired outside the company for management positions in the Licensing Department. There was no opportunity for advancement; they would dangle a "promotion" (no more money, just a title) in front of you like a carrot. Then at your next one-on-one, they'd say "work on A and B to get this promotion." Then at the next one-on-one, it's "ok now work on C and D." You were never good enough. They also value personality and friendliness over whether you could competently do the job. I eventually left because an immature coworker was inciting drama and making fun of me on a daily basis, often right to my face, and management did nothing. The last I heard, he'd been promoted to a senior position on the team. The quality control process is a joke. With 80+ decision points to make on one piece of processing, if you made even one error, the item was "failed." They were told over and over again by every single new person to the team that using "failed" was detrimental to the well being and morale of the employees, and they didn't care. They told us that it would not ever be changed. QA failed work if they didn't like you, and passed work from people that they were buddies with. Too many failed pieces of work and you were disciplined. I had a 96% success rate - the highest on the team - and yet I was never promoted because I'm a quiet person and other people misread me as rude or stuck up. My manager never went to bat for me."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Rubbish and bullying management. People getting told they will be fired for having medical conditions. Treat anyone below senior level like they don’t matter."

Business Development says

"Managers,Business development officer,very bad communication skills"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Very bad management. All the sales are either through mis-selling or by frauds. No guidance from senior management. Worst Hr. Hr is not able to differentiate between right and wrong"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are usually 2/3 critical IT failures every day. Whenever they have a system update, either you or the customers lose access to their website. Customers are often left hanging, as any problems that get reported just disappear into the aether. Very little responsibility is taken by colleagues when they’ve made a mistake. You end up taking heat from all sides for trying to help customers who have been let down by people who are supposed to be doing the same job you are. You’re not allowed to make calls out, so you can’t promise to call customers back, for an update or to answer a question they have that isn’t covered by their FAQ, and you’re not trusted to manage your own time, everything is resourced by someone else - so you’re not learning any new skills or good working practices because you’re not given the opportunity."

Current Employee - Platform Administrator says

"Management is horrible not friendly at all"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"reactive not proactive. Not customer focused."

Pensions Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very poor pay compared to other companies, terrible management and don’t value staff that have been there a long time.... not much progression and they have taken away all employee benefits that were worth while."

Inbound customer service advisor (Former Employee) says

"I think all pension providers seem to be in the same situation, archaic old software that has been shoehorned into an up to date format but still relying on old tech. The management is also very hit and misslocationmanagement"

Temporary Contract (Former Employee) says

"within the training period i fell due to over heating in the smallest and most packed room ever and due to this i have a slightly lazy eye at times now and scarred by eye also."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"terrible work environment . Terrible leadership . Nepotism central . No meritocracy its about who you know. You are set up to fail from the start . Not a diversified environment. Every person of color that has worked in the company has left under a cloud after being frustrated out of their roles. Incredibly politicized environment with poor communication from operation managers to staff on the floor . terrible induction as well and staff attrition numbers are perceived as managers being effective but just an incredible waste of resources . I cannot recommend this as a place for a progressive minded person to work. Very change averse company with people pretending to champion the customer but only focusing on doing the bear minimum . At most a stepping stone to more professional companies. if a drone fitted with a camera flew over the halls of the building , the observation would be of many unhappy faces indeed a colleague sadly passed away at work.not a great environment.Quality lunchescost cutting culture, nepotism, lack of diversity"

Platform Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Wouldn’t recommend, stressful and poorly managed. No physical space or space to be promoted. One of the worst places I’ve ever worked. Also due to having to work 9-5:30 Monday -Friday - traffic is always 1hr plus in ques."

pracownik (Current Employee) says

"negatywna, mobbing, brak możliwości rozwoju, awansu, brak równowagi miedzy praca a życiem prywatnym.pracownicymobbing, brak możliwości rozwoju/kariery, kadra zarzadzająca"

Uzman (Former Employee) says

"Çalışan sirkülasyonu çok fazla olan bir şirket. Genelde en fazla 1 yıldır çalışan gençler ve eski geleneksel çalışma kültürü ile uzun yıllardır çalışan ve baskıcı bir çalışma ortamı yaratan orta yaşlılar var. Mülakattaki sahte gülümsemeler, sizli bizli konuşmalar aldatmasın."

İş geliştirme bölümü (Former Employee) says

"Aegon maaşları iyi olmasına rağmen bir patron şirketinden farksız. Hollanda firması oluşu yanıltmasın. Ben İş Geliştirme Bölümünde çalıştım. İş Geliştirme Bölümünün bağlı olduğu Grup Başkanı hanımefendi B.B. tam bir stres kaynağı. Çalışanlara açık açık mobing yapıyor. İK ve üst yönetim de belli ki göz yumuyor. Zira çalışan sirkülasyonu çok yüksek. Departmanın sabit çalışanı tek bir adam var. O da yeni gelenlere kaçmalarını tavsiye esiyor. İşte tam olarak böyle bir bölüm."

Senior Relationship Manager (Current Employee) says

"I don't suggest to work Here I am having Sales experience around 5/6 years But never seen company like this Management has no idea HOW TO GENERATE LEAD EVEN ! MANAGEMENT HAS NO IDEA HOW TO TAKE FOLLOW UPS Better to work in JUSTDIAL LTD , it's available in mostly everycity Aegon Life insurance Has No strategy , No Lead , Not allowed Cold calling Process that can pull your BusinessTraining Is goodLong hours"

Senior Fund Accountant (Former Employee) says

"Does people would treat you very badly ! Very bad management. Disrespectful dishonest. they will use you and throw you. no training. the employees are all old and unhappy."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Progression is more or less unattainable. Some departments are easier to progress in than others. Progression measured by statistics and targets. Poor management skills and people skills at management level. Poor pay for results that are expected. Work is very repetitive & boring. Everything done is computer based as well as performance measurement. No humanness to it at allHolidaysProgression and performance measurement"

Pensions Administrator (Former Employee) says

"This has to be one of the lowest paying jobs in Edinburgh Park, I was on a temp contract of £7.50 per hour which I was then told this would go up to...wait for it....£14.5k if made permanent! Wow! no wonder the staff turnover in this place is so high in the few months I was there in a team of 20 approximately 2 people left every month. Staff are pushed to meet unrealistic targets with little training or help given and there is a massive blame culture with this company quick enough to put the blame on you but not so quick to thank you if you do a god job! Unless you like getting paid peanuts for a job where you could easily get paid £5k more across the road do not work here guys believe me you will regret it!"

Technology Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Long hours, little managment support, no corporate culture, not very well organizedgood pay and benefitshorrible hours and managment"

Administrativa (Former Employee) says

"El trabajo era bajo presión y el ambiente no era bueno.DescansosMal ambiente laboral"

Remittance Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Transamerica was a company that used to be the best place to work and then new upper management came in and made sure it was just a typical Corporation with no care for their employees. The management team is just as over worked as their employees and have time no time to help with questions. You are required to work a lot of overtime with no acknowledgement of you hard work but plenty of negativity if you do something wrong. They have been laying off for the last two years and those layoffs are still continuing.Benefits - PTO, Insurance, Pension PlanOvertime, pay, lack of leadership"

Bireysel satış temsilcisi (Former Employee) says

"Bursa Aegon şubesi satış temsilci adayı olarak çağırıldım. Gayet iyi şık giyinerek iş görüşmesine gittim önce telefonla bildirdiler tabi akabinde adrese gittim Form doldurdum Maaş beklentisi kısmına 3500-4000 TL civarı yazım maksat doldurmak amac prim ile birşeyler yapmak ama asgari ücretlede çalışmak istemediğimi de belirtmek istedim. 1. görüşmede orta yaşlı bir bayan ile mülakat yaptık gayet seviyeli olması gerektiği gibi geçti benim açımdan olumluydu . Kendimi hedeflerimi anlattım sosyal haklar kısmında pek birşey söylenmedi ama benim doldurduğum form kısmındaki rakamı sordular bende acık acık belirttim 3 üniversite bitirdim 4 sayfa CVim var eğitim sertifilar vs aldım gibisinden diye belirttim. Hanımefendi de size katılıyorum sizin gibi biriside zaten asgari ücrete tav olmamalı diyerek beni onaylayan bir cümlede bulundu. Derken ertesi günü 2. görüşmeye çağırıldım. Bu seferde Satış Müdürü genc bir beyle ile görüştüm. Onunlada görüşmem güzel geçti bu görüşmedede benden beklentilerimi sordular sosyal haklar kısmında bende belirttim araba sigorta yemek sabit + prim maaş vs dinledi not aldı . 2 gün sonra 3. görüşmeye çağırdılar beni bu sefer istanbuldan satış direktörü kel bir beyle görüştüm . O kadar kasıntı olarak karşıladıki beni neyseki tecrübeli ve soğukklanlı olarak o duvarını yıktım görüşmede bana diyorkı seninle konuştuktan sonra çıtayı cok yukarı çıkarttın umarım faaliyettede başarırsın halbuki ben size şu kadar satarım bu kadar satarım vs asla konusmadım olması şekilde lisan-ı münasip kendinden emin eğitimli biri gibi konustum neyse konusmanın sonunda bana haklarım"

HR Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Everything done with leaner, smaller, more compact teams has flattened the hierarchy, leaving limited career opportunities."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Being glued to a telephone headset was not a good job for me. They had adherence time you had to stick with in on phone calls which was impossible if you got stuck on the phone with it it possible customer. Their lack of detail when logging the calls was what they wanted just to get as many phone calls as soon as possible. My attention to detail meant I always did less amount of calls. Only two people out of my 21 person class were still there which tells you they have high turnover rate for this position. I do not recommend working here if you do not like being glued to the phone.Good pay & benefitsHigh turnover rate for this position."

Platform Administrator (Current Employee) says

"Of all the financial companies, this has to be the worst. Understandably they are catching up from the previous years however, there is such a divide between management and their employees. The contract workers especially. They are extended three months at a time and are not even given 28 days notice or even a week to even know if they stay on or not. Honestly keep away. It’s ridiculous. Even the managers don’t agree with each other. No consistency.Games roomRead review"

Customer Support executive (Former Employee) says

"On Month EndsHandle work under pressureNASupportiveNothingHandling Customershardworking, practicallack of patient"

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